Multiple Cloud Storage Manager: Rainbow – Best cloud storage manager

Rainbow, Welcome screen
Welcome screen

The welcome screen of the Rainbow site has a link to Log in, Sign up, Privacy and Demo video. At the bottom of the page we find links to the mobile versions, and a list of supported cloud services.

According to the privacy, all information that is stored on the server is encrypted with our password! These are great news, but we also need to be careful not to pick an easy to guess password. The Sign up process is straight forward, and we are able to start using the site immediately after we register.

Ease of use

We connect to an account by clicking on the “Add a new account” button. Each service has such a button. There is no limitation in the number of accounts that we can connect to for each cloud service.


The Preference screen is a really useful tool. We get to that tool by clicking on the cogwheel (it is the second icon from the left, at the top of the screen). In that screen, we can pick to display the creation / modification date of an item and the date format. We can also toggle the appearance of time in the dates, and choose to display file size in KB or MB.


The main screen is split in two panels: The left panel contains the list of supported cloud services, and the right panel the list of folders/files in the selected account/folder.

Account actions

Right click on an account in the left panel will bring up a menu to toggle that account, remove it or browse it. We can rename an account by double clicking on its name. We browse an account either by clicking on it or by selecting the “Browse Account” action.

The right panel is also split into two sections: The left section has all the folders and the right section has all the folder/files in the selected folder. We can navigate into a folder either by clicking on it in the left section or in the right section.


Select items to copy

The drag & drop feature is not supported. Therefore we copy a folder /file by right clicking on it, and selecting “Copy”. That item is marked, and in the column “Action” we see the word “Copy”. If we want to undo the action for an item we click on the cloud icon (2nd icon from the right, at the top of the screen).

List of selected items to be copied

In that screen we see a list of the selected items. We can remove them individually or all of them (click on the trash icon). Also, we can select to upload local files. We copy the selected items by navigating to the account / folder and right clicking to paste them. If there is a conflict, we will see a dialog prompting us to select a different name for that file(s). Once the process to copy the items is started, we see a dialog that shows the progress.

The delete process is slightly different than the copy process, as it takes place immediately. First, we see a dialog asking us to confirm the action, and then the file/folder is deleted. We can rename a file by doubling clicking on its name.


It is extremely easy to use Rainbow. Nonetheless, we miss the drag & drop feature that we see in other managers. There is a mobile version available both for iOS and Android devices, and a Mac version. We might write an article on each one of them, because they have a different layout and functionality. The Mac version does look similar to the web version though.

Rainbow does not have a very large selection of cloud services, but it does support the usual suspects:

  • Box
  • Dropbox
  • Google Drive
  • OneDrive
  • SugarSync

On the other hand, the mobile version supports more services, as we can see on the website


It is free!! There is no limitation of any kind!

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