Introduction to the SmartCloud Service

In the article on Best Cloud Storage for Users we reviewed several Cloud Services based on the storage space that they offer to a user. We reviewed both the Free accounts and the Paid ones, and we concluded that the best choice is the MEGA Cloud Service for a free account, and the iDrive for a paid account. But, do we really need to update to a Paid account?

When we open a Free account at the MEGA cloud service we have a 50GB storage space. This is certainly a lot of space, but, in nowadays, we have lot of photos , videos that we want to store to a cloud service. Thus, we can easily run out of space and we would need to buy more space. Since most cloud services offer the choice of a free account, we should always create one. Now, if we sum the space that we get from all cloud services this is equal to 107GB. This means that by combining the available space from all cloud services we managed to increase our storage space from 50GB to 107GB (or more, if we create more than one account for each cloud service). But, now, we need to solve a bigger problem. How are we going to distribute our files? This is cumbersome task and that’s why no one is doing it. But, is it really…?

SmartCloud Service

The Rainbow – Best Cloud Storage Manager has developed the SmartCloud Service. This is not really a Service, but a tool that combines all cloud services into a single cloud service, the SmartCloud Service. Then, we can upload a file to the SmartCloud Service and it will magically distribute the file to each connected cloud service account.

The process is straight forward. Firstly, we select which accounts we want to add into the SmartCloud Service. Secondly, we start using the SmartCloud Service like the other services. Currently, we can only upload, download, and delete files. But, they may add more features in the future, like, Rename a file or Create a folder. Finally this service is not free and it costs $0.99 for a month subscription or $6.99 for a yearly subscription.

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