Best Multiple Cloud Storage Manager (updated)

In a series of article we reviewed 4 Cloud Storage Manager. We focused only on the storage manager feature, e.g, connect to an account, browse that account, transfer files/folders between accounts. Each manager has some nice features, which will summarize next:


Kloudless has great potentials, but can not be used by the end user. It offers an API for the developers to create cloud storage manager. Still, it is worth to look at it, and certainly use it if you want to build such a manager


Koofr is totally free, but it supports only 4 cloud services (Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and Amazon cloud). Furthermore, Koofr does not support the drag & drop feature for transferring files.

Nonetheless, there is a mobile (both iOS and Android) and a desktop (Mac, Linux and Windows) version, and Koofr offers 2GB storage in the free version. That storage can be increased to 8GB if you invite your friends to open an account at Koofr’s site.


The only disadvantage that we found for the MultCloud manager is that it does not run on Firefox browser. Besides that, it supports many cloud services, and it supports transferring files by dragging & dropping in the selected folder.

All of these of course come with a price. In the free version you can transfer files with a total size of 50GB per month.

Finally, MultiCloud does not have a desktop nor a mobile version. It is only a web application.

Rainbow – Best cloud storage app

Rainbow is also totally free. But, it supports only 5 cloud services (Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and SugarSync), and it does not support and drag & drop feature for transferring files.

Nonetheless, they may support more services in the future, as we can see on their main site. Finally, there is a mobile version (both iOS and Android) and a Mac version.


We are not able to transfer files / folder with the odrive manager. We can only browse an account. The main purpose of this tool is to sync files / folders between local clients and cloud. Therefore, it has a desktop version, both Mac and Windows, but not mobile version. Finally, it supports a large selection of cloud services.

It is free of charge to browse the accounts, but we need to upgrade to one of the paid versions for the syncing feature.


OTIXO has all the features that a user would need from a cloud manager. It supports a large selection of cloud services, and we can browse an account and transfer files / folders between them.

The only drawback is that it does not support the drag & drop feature, and it is not free. In the free version, we can connect up to 10 accounts, and there is a fee of $0.49 per GB for transferring files / folders between accounts.


This is certainly a tough decision. We like the Rainbow – Best cloud storage app and the Koofr app, because… well, they are free, but they supports only a handful of cloud services. Thus, we are inclined to pick either MultCloud or OTIXO.

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