An introduction to the WeTransfer transfer tool

It may not be an exaggeration to say that WeTransfer is the most popular site for transferring files. Nonetheless, it is not the best, as we will see in future articles.

WeTransfer screenshot for uploading a file
Add files

The process to transfer a file is straight forward and similar to the one we saw at the presentation of the Firefox Send site. Namely, we can add files either by clicking on the add “+” button or by dragging & dropping them. It is interesting to note here that the entire page is the dropping area. In contrast to the Firefox Send tool, WeTransfer allows to transfer files with a total size of 2GB. We need to update to the plus version for larger files.

WeTransfer screenshot for selecting to send the files as email or link
Send as email or link

Next, we need to choose if we want the files to be send as an email or as a link. In the former case, we enter our email address, the recipients email address, and a message. We then click on the Transfer button, the files are uploaded to the server, and we will receive an email when the recipient downloads the file. If instead we chose to send them as a link, we do not need to enter any email address, and when the files are uploaded to the server we get a link. We copy and share that link.

WeTransfer Plus

The Plus version has many interesting features:

  • Upload large files, up to 20GB
  • Set an expiration date for the files
  • Password protect the files

But, the plus version is not free. It costs 12€ per month or 119,99€ per year.


WeTransfer plus

We like the fact that in the free version we can share files with a total size of 2GB. We also like the fact that we are informed when the recipient download the files. But, we do not appreciate the fact that our file may stay on their server for ever. This makes you wonder if you should use that tool or search for a different one that gives you control on your files, like the Firefox Send does

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