An introduction to the SmartCloud service offered by the Rainbow – Best cloud storage app

Today, the Rainbow – Best cloud storage iOS app release version 4.0. After the app was updated, we saw the following message

Screen 1. SmartCloud Service info

This text is a short description of a new service, named SmartCloud, which combines the available storage of the connected accounts into a single large storage. In a nutshell, if you have 5 accounts, and each one has free storage of 1GB, the SmartCloud account will have free storage of 5GB!

In order to start using this new service we need first to create a free Rainbow account. We also need to activate it, by purchasing a month or a year subscription. The cost is 1,09€ (or $0,99) and 7,99€ (or $6,99) respectively. Once it is activated we are almost ready to start using. But, first we need to assign some accounts to it.

Screen 2: Assign accounts to the SmartCloud service

In order to assign an account to the SmartCloud service we first go back to the list of Services, and we tap on it. We get Screen 2 were we select which accounts we want to assign to it. Tap on the Save button to save your changes.

The process to transfer files to the SmartCloud service is straight forward and similar to the process to transfer files to any other accounts: Drag & drop a file into the cabinet, double tap on the cabinet, and then select the SmartCloud service. Use this process to transfer files from the SmartCloud to any other account.

The current version does not support renaming of files that are saved in the SmartCloud service nor transferring folders to that service. Still, this is a nice extra feature, in addition to all other features that the Rainbow – Best cloud storage app offers.

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